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We handle Personal Injury, Worker's Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accidents.


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Our Law Firm handles the following types of claims:



All types of Personal Injury claims:


* Wrongful death;

* Motor Vehicle Accidents (including Personal Injury Protection Benefit [PIP] claims;

* Motorcycle accidents;

* Pedestrian accidents;

* Alcohol Related/Dram Shop cases;

* Slip & Fall accidents;

* Construction accidents;

* Bicycle accidents;

* Dog-bites;

* Medical Malpractice

* Product Liability (defective machinery or products);

* Worker's Compensation claims (workplace accidents);

* Social Security disability;


We also handle:

* Municipal Court-DUI or Traffic Violations;

* Landlord-Tenant matters;

* Family Court matters;

* Matrimonial;

* Guardianship or competency hearings;

* Appellate Practice



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